Tanya Mors


Many of you knew Tanya Mors who left us on February 25, 2012. She was an active member of the DRGA and a frequent visitor to the Ranch. She will always be in the memories of those fortunate enough to have known her.


As some of you also knew, Tanya was a true animal lover who picked up strays on numerous occasions throughout the years. She would either return them to their owners, make sure they were safe with new owners, or she would keep them herself. In recognition of Tanya’s love of animals, fellow Fifty Club member Skipp DiGiusto has recently opened a memorial fund for Tanya at the Arizona Humane Society. In Skipp’s own words, “I can think of nothing she would like more, or which would honor her memory more, than to continue her good works.”


The Fifty Club is proud to support this effort and shown below is a link to the AHS should you feel compelled to remember Tanya with a donation.


Tribute Gift - Arizona Humane Society


Thank you for your time,


The Fifty Club Board of Directors